Cosumnes Oaks Executive Officers


Bryan Teng (Class of 2018)

Vice President(s): 

Michaela Masui (Class of 2020)


Raffy Lorenzo (Class of 2018)


Deanna Hernandez (Class of 2020)

Bulletin Editor: 

Alex You (Class of 2018) 

(Picture L to R): Alex, Raffy, Bryan, Deanna, Michaela

Bryan Teng (President)
[email protected] (916) 230-0395 

Raffy Lorenzo (Secretary)

[email protected]

Alex Yu (Bulletin Editor)

[email protected]

Michaela Masui (Vice President) 

[email protected] 

Deanna Hernandez (Treasurer)

Cosumnes Oaks Appointed Officers (OUTDATED)

Member Recognition:                                                              Public Relations:

Sophia Saus (Class of 2017)                                                   Ken Zheng (Class of 2017)

Member Relations:                                                                  Project and Resources:

Jeff Rondilla (Class of 2018)                                                    Jeremy Tinio (Class of 2019)

Volunteer Coordinators:                                                           Webmaster:

Raffy Lorenzo (Class of 2018)                                                  Randy Nguyen (Class of 2017)

Jack Zhou (Class of 2017)

Division 7 South Leadership Team (OUTDATED)

Lieutenant Governor:

David Thong (Monterey Trails KC)

Executive Assistant:

Anthony Chan (Sheldon KC)

Administrative Assistant:
Serena Phen (Franklin KC)

Division New Editor:

Eseosa Omorogieva (Laguna Creek KC)